FIREWIRE scores another 1st… with the new ECOBOARD Project

FIREWIRE-EBP-Sweet Potato with full Bamboo deck layup

Sustainable Surf is “certifiably” stoked to announce that FIREWIRE has become the 1st global surfboard brand to offer a major “green chemistry update” to some of their most popular board models, which have been built to meet our new “ECOBOARD Project” program benchmark for more sustainable materials. Specifically, these boards have been glassed with Entropy Resisn’s  – Super Sap  Epoxy Resin, which has been certified by independent lab testing to contain a minimum of 25% bio-based carbon molecules.  This means that in addition to already using epoxy resin’s inherent greener chemistry (compared to traditional Polyester resin), this means that the surfboard’s carbon footprint is also reduced by more than ~ 25%. This qualifies FIREWIRE’s new “EnviroFlex” surfboards  to carry our ECOBOARD Project -”Verified” logo.

Read the official Press Release

This limited run of new boards will be showing up for sale in local surf shops, and any shop customer armed with a smartphone can find out what makes these boards more “ECO”, just by scanning the QR code on the ECOBOARD Project logo. Each ECOBOARD Project laminate that has been glassed on the board, also carries a unique hand-stamped code on it that the owner can register on our (soon to be launched) ECOBOARD Project website. Lots of social interactivity planned for this online surf community gathering space, including special deals, free gear and even surfboard raffles from our program partners. All for those lucky folks who register their new “verified” ECOBOARD Project surfboard!

More info on the official launch of the ECOBOARD Project coming soon – so stay tuned…

Dominator Model

Sweet Potato model