LOST stoked on Performance…


Matt Biolos at LOST Surfboards has always been on the cutting edge of performance surfboard technology, and he’ll be the first to tell anyone that for him – just using a material because it’s chemistry is “greener” wont cut it; it also has to work as good or better than the more toxic stuff out there.

Well, so far, so good! He seems pretty stoked on the new generation of the more sustainable materials out there for making a high performance board, but that also has a dramatic reduction in it’s environmental impacts to of a normal board.

These Test run boards are made from Entropy Super Sap bio-resin and Marko EPS foam. They were glassed by E-Tech Glassing.


1. 6’8 Mini-Driver with bamboo veneer deck and rasta resin tint

2. 6’4 Sub Driver with bamboo tail patch