ECOBOARD Project is launched

Bird's eye view of Shaun Tomson's board about to be glassed in the middle of a San Francisco office.

The ECOBOARD Project launch party was a huge success. The energy in the room was electric. We raised over $15k to help fund our efforts to create a tool for promoting sustainable surfboards made by the industry’s top shapers and board brands!

The party was held inside the offices of powerhouse sustainability consultants Saatchi & Saatchi S in San Francisco, and featured among other things, live “eco” glassing demos using Super Sap bio-resin on recycled Marko EPS surf blanks, shaped by Channel Islands, Lost, and Timmy Patterson – including a personal CI “Warp” model for former world champion, Shaun Tomson.

The panel discussion hosted by Saatchi’s own Chief Sustainability officer, Adam Werbach, was a big hit too, and featured top dogs from Firewire, Surfrider, Quiksilver Foundation, Proof Lab surf shop, and Forbes Magazine. The panelist debated surfing’s sustainable future -– and what it might look like.

Jim Moriarty, CEO of The Surfrider Foundation, wrote an inspired article on the event: “Glassing a surfboard in the middle of a party to drive home an important message“.

Big thanks to all of our sponsors, supporters, partners and volunteers for making this event happen – and especially to all of those who turned out to make it a success!

Plenty of photos below, so take a look…


Finally, check out this video on the event from Stoked People. The good parts start at minute 9:00.

ECOBOARD Glassing Demonstration from Stoked People on Vimeo.