Shaun Tomson’s-Channel Islands ECOBOARD

ST and CI crew


Surfing’s coolest ambassador ever, former 1977 world champion, Shaun Tomson, just got his first ECOBOARD!

It’s his own signature model called the “WARP” from the world’s leading surfboard brand Channel Islands, which got it’s first coat of plant-based epoxy resin at our recent ECOBOARD Project launch party – which Surfrider CEO Jim Moriarty deftly detailed here.

Well the boys at E-Tech glassing did an amazing finish job on the final board, and so we trekked up to the Channel Islands factory up near Santa Barbara, and passed it off to Shaun under the watchful eyes of CI’s General Manager, Scott Anderson, and head of R&D, Aaron Smith, who wanted to see how the final board came out…

Good News! – everybody was stoked (especially Shaun who ended up with a one-of a-kind eco wave slayer) and CI is moving full steam ahead to be able to offer custom CI boards built to the requirements of the ECOBOARD Project – materials benchmark.

Shaun with Scott and Aaron

W2W recycled foam "window" in Shaun's board

Shaun's ECOBOARD Project logo and number

Channel Islands shaping us a Marko recycled EPS blank

This board is Shaun's sig. "WARP" model from CI

The crew at E-Tech (founders Todd & Ryan) who glassed the board

Shaun signs his Surfer's Code book for us-STOKED!