Waste to Waves

The latest video installment from our award winning styrofoam packaging recycling program – Waste to Waves – features our ambassador, Rob Machado, who shapes his own recycled-content EPS foam blank, glasses it with a bio-based, zero-VOC resin, and then puts his new custom “Machado Creations” surfboard to the test at his hometown break in Cardiff, CA.

The video also showcases how Sustainable Surf was able to work with our W2W program partner Reef, and one of their vendors who ended up with a tsunami of styrofoam packaging waste, to recycle all of the material through Waste to Waves. This material then gets used to manufacture new recycled-content (25%) polystyrene beads, which our W2W partner Marko Foam can then use to make their “Envirofoam” surfboard cores for the local US surfboard building industry.

“Most of the boards we make now should use sustainable materials, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t” – Rob Machado

We couldn’t agree more Rob, so thanks for doing your part to make more sustainable surfboards available, and thanks to our partners who made this video possible: Reef Redemption, Marko Foam, Pacific Panel Products, and Voda Films.