Sustainability Report for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 2014


The microbes have been busy “munching” up the organic food waste from the Vans Triple Crown into compost for growing more veggies on Oahu’s North Shore – and we’ve been busy “crunching” the numbers to evaluate the performance of all the sustainability efforts.

So was it the most ocean-friendly, socially focused and economically beneficial VTCS ever?

Dig into the new report like Vans team rider Dane Gudauskas into a compost pile (just watch the video, you’ll see…) to find out, and see all the dirt on what happened, what worked (or didn’t), and what the lessons can be learned to make the next year’s events even better!

Plenty of behind the scenes videos, pictures & pie-graphs to keep you entertained and educated, and if you’re not careful, you might just say to yourself “hey, if a bunch of surfers can pull this off for a little contest , why shouldn’t I just do the same things in my own life? I mean really, how hard can it be…”

And if like the VTCS, you are inspired to: start composting, growing a garden, running your car on recycled cooking oil, volunteering to clean up beaches, riding your bike more to the surf, volunteering with local kids, reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint, eliminating single-use plastic bottles, donating to local charities, or… let us know by posting pictures to social media with the Hashtag: #DeepBlueLife

Thanks again to all the partners who helped make this (spoiler alert) the most ocean-friendly, socially focused and economically beneficial #VTCS event yet – and lets do even better next time.