Deep Blue Surfing Events – Exploring the Volcom Pipe Pro

We definitely recommend taking a good look at the sustainability activations Volcom had in place at this year’s Pipe Pro, which earned the contest a Deep Blue Event designation from Sustainable Surf for the fifth year running.

Volcom went above and beyond in 2017, focussing their sustainability efforts so that they delivered direct and tangible benefits to local communities and the Hawaiian economy, while also addressing the broader environmental impacts of the event. Want to know how to make your Earth Day event Deep Blue? Below is a snapshot of what you will find in the event report:

  1. Use Renewable Energy: The 2017 Pipe Pro was the first surfing event in the world to use 100% bio-diesel to power the event.
  2. Measure and mitigate your carbon footprint: 100% of the event’s carbon footprint was offset with verified carbon credits.
  3. Give back to local communities: Volcom donated more than $100,000 to local community organizations.
  4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost: Volcom partnered with Sustainable Coastlines to compost and/or recycle 66% of waste from the Pipe Pro.
  5. Ask people to ride a bike, walk or catch public transport: Shuttles were provided from Turtle Bay Resort to the Volcom Pipe Pro.