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The 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro has been designated as a Deep Blue Event™.

A Deep Blue Event is a more “Ocean Friendly” event that sets a clear path for reducing environmental impacts, while also providing social benefits for the local community.

This sustainability report is a transparent description of the sustainability performance of the event, and includes measured data, photos, and suggestions for improvement. It is based on the international standard for sustainable event reporting – the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro has exceeded the minimum requirements of all five core Deep Blue Event categories measured (Waste Diversion, Renewable Energy, Community Outreach, Climate Change and Transportation).

A first for any Deep Blue Event, sustainability performance related to food and catering has also been included in this year’s Volcom Pipe Pro report.

To receive a Deep Blue Surfing Event designation, an event is required to reduce environmental and social impacts of the event. It must also develop a data collection plan to measure performance on impact reduction, and this data must show that it has met minimum goals for at least two of the five major categories of environmental and social impacts.

Sustainability Performance Summary:

  1.  Waste Diversion:  68% of waste diverted from landfill
  2. Renewable Energy: Contest powered by 100% renewable biodiesel fuel and solar electricity 
  3. Climate Change: 100% of CO2 footprint mitigated
  4. Community Support: Supported local community organizations with more that $60,600 in donations 
  5. Transportation: Promoted low-carbon transportation for athletes, staff, and spectators
  6. Food: A strong and meaningful focus on providing local, sustainably-sourced food and catering options to athletes and attendees.

Access the full report here.


Sustainable Surf would like to thank the team at Red Bull TV for helping elevate awareness about Volcom’s long-term commitment to sustainability by featuring Sustainable Surf, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and other key activations as part of the live webcast.

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Special thanks to Meleana Judd-Cox of Waihuena Farm for facilitating the composting, Kahi Pacarro and the team at Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and the crew at Ke Nui Kitchen for the big role they play in making sustainability a key part of how they work.

Extra Special thanks goes to the teams at Volcom and Red Bull for continuing to push the limits on sustainability at the Volcom Pipe Pro year after year.