About Us

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Sustainable Surf is a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization founded by social entrepreneurs. We are located in the heart of the Southern CA surfing industry and at the nexus of sustainable business in Northern CA.

Our Mission: Be the catalyst that transforms surf culture and industry into a powerful community that protects the ocean playground.

We believe that surfing can become the premier showcase of people and businesses working together to solve environmental problems while having fun.

Our Strategy: We take an integrated “systems thinking” approach with our innovative programs and campaigns, which engage both individuals and businesses together in partnership to solve the most pressing environmental issues facing our oceans, caused most significantly by the impacts of climate change.

• Engage Individuals: Provide engaging on-ramps for individuals to make lifestyle choices that can lower their impacts on the ocean and coastal environment. For example, purchasing an “ecoboard” surfboard which has 40% lower lifecycle CO2 emissions, or recycling waste styrofoam packing into new surfboards.

• Engage Industry: Help surf related businesses and organizations to improve their environmental performance and communicate their efforts to surfers more effectively. For example, Deep Blue Surfing provides a clear roadmap to make surf contests more sustainable and provides a platform for contest organizers to communicate their sustainability actions with credibility.

Program Goals: Our programs are designed to produce multiple benefits (environmental, social, and economic), with a specific focus on addressing environmental impacts that threaten “surfing habitat” (e.g. ocean acidification and sea level rise). The world’s leading scientific organizations have issued warnings that coral reefs and coastal environments are under dire threat from climate change. These environments must remain intact for the sport and culture of surfing to thrive (as well as the rest of humanity).

Our current programs:

Our specialties:

  • Sustainable lifestyle actions and education for individuals
  • Sustainable product analysis,  verification and reporting
  • Sustainable business strategy and reporting
  • Climate change science, policy, and mitigation