Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart is a social entrepreneur focused on driving innovations in sustainable practices; in particular, those that relate to products and services which can encourage an enable a shift toward more sustainable lifestyles for everybody. Professionally, Michael has specialized in consumer product certification programs and on climate change issues for several nonprofit & for-profit companies for the last decade.  While at UL Environment (a new business venture of 120+ year old ‘Underwriters Laboratories’), Michael managed the energy efficiency certification program for the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers. Michael has also developed and managed partnerships with many Fortune 500 brands, including the ‘VW Forest’ campaign partnership with Volkswagen of America (that reforested over 1,100 acres in the lower Louisiana watershed) while at

Most recently, and undoubtedly with even more passion, Michael Co-founded nonprofit Sustainable Surf with the intent of applying his professional experience to help transform the culture and business of surfing into a truly sustainable model – capable of inspiring positive behavioral lifestyle changes in individuals. Michael firmly believes that these changes, when multiplied by millions of people making better choices on a daily basis about how they live their lives – provide the foundation for how we can fix the root causes of our broken system, instead of just constantly mitigating the symptoms. Underlying all these intentions is Michael’s lifelong passion for the surfing experience, his gratitude for the simple but honest lessons it has to teach, and the pure joy that sliding around on waves provides. Michael lives with his wife and young daughter just outside the foggiest part of San Francisco, where he is constantly checking the swell forecast, and seeking perfectly normal cup of (organic/shade-grown/fairly-traded/locally-roasted/single-cup dripped/awesome) coffee.


Kevin Whilden

Kevin is a sustainable business entrepreneur and geologist. Kevin has a wide range of expertise in sustainable business and policy, and the scientific expertise to explain why it matters. Before launching Sustainable Surf, Kevin helped launch Imagine Surf, which was an early pioneer in sustainable surfboard construction. Prior to that, Kevin worked in San Francisco for the cleantech startup Climos, designing technology to remove large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere by enhancing natural biological absorption in the ocean. Solving the problem of climate change has been the focus of his career after learning about it while studying geology in between surf sessions as an undergraduate physics major at UC San Diego in 1990. After studying permafrost dynamics in Antarctica for his M.S. in Geology, Kevin switched to the private sector to work as a consultant in the fields of CO2 mitigation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.