Kassia Meador

We are so stoked to have Kassia Meador join the ranks of our athlete ambassadors, because she embodies the spirit of an individual striving to live a more ocean-focused, conscious lifestyle, and she gives back more than she takes from the world! Kassia also has her own line of inspired wetsuits, Kassia Surf, that work as well as they look, so have a look!

Kassia Meador’s Bio:  Free-spirited pro longboarder and lifestyle photographer from Malibu, California; ranked 2nd on the 2011 ASP Women’s Longboard Tour, and named by the New York Times as the “queen of noseriding.” Kassia also won the first surf contest (the Roxy Wahine Classic) she ever entered.

Surf historian Sam George noted early in Meador’s career that she was “a truly self-actualized surfer, [riding] precisely what she wanted, how she wanted, just where she wanted.” George and others pointed out that she surfed very much like San Diego’s Joel Tudor, considered by most to be the most stylish of all second-wave longboarders.

Kassia has developed her own line of inspired wetsuits, Kassia Surf, and apparel. While recovering from a broken foot in 2002, Kassia took up photography, discovered a natural talent for that as well, and soon after began exhibiting her work in Japan, Europe, New York and Los Angeles.

Kassia has been featured in numerous web clips and surf videos, including Shimmer (2006), The Present (2009), and Heart and the Sea (2013). In 2014, she was featured in the music video for “Kentucky,” a duet by Norah Jones and Billy Joe Armstrong.

Text source: Encyclopedia of Surfing

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