Bianca Valenti

Bianca-Valenti-with-gun-Nelscott-Reef-Big-Wave-World-Tour_Surf-Channel-photo-Shannon-QuirkBianca Valenti, 29, is a professional big wave surfer. She began surfing at age 7 in the dirty waters of Doheny Beach, Dana Point which was the same moment she became an environmentalist! In 2012 she won the ASP Women’s Pipeline Pro in Oahu, Hawaii. Most recently she became the first ever champion of a woman’s big wave event which took place as part of the Big Wave World Tour at Nelscott Reef, Oregon in April 2014.

Bianca is paving the way in Women’s Big Wave surfing along with a small group of other women in the world. Big wave surfing is defined as riding waves 30ft and bigger. Bianca is not sure if anyone else in the world cares about her being good at surfing and/or riding big waves as it is mostly a selfish pursuit…BUT in case anyone in the world is inspired by her talent and what she does on waves she hopes they will take that inspiration and put it to use towards helping the environment and trying to make a more sustainable planet for the future!


See Bianca’s winning ride at the Nelscott Reef big wave contest in 2014 (minute 0:58):


Bianca air-drops into Mavericks:


Bianca watching fellow ambassador, Kyle Thiermann, as he catches a bomb at Mavericks: