Waste to Waves

Featuring our ambassador Rob Machado shaping and surfing his new “Machado Creations” Ecoboard made with recycled styrofoam.

The ECOBOARD Project

The industry-standard verification program for sustainable surfboards.

Deep Blue Life

Learn about our program to help surfers live an ocean-friendly lifestyle.

Waste to Waves

Waste to Waves is an award-winning program to recycle styrofoam.

Deep Blue Life

Learn how to live an ocean-friendly lifestyle that saves money and improves your life. (click title to read more…)

What’s in your board?


See the online version of our museum exhibit, “What’s In Your Board?”. This exhibit was developed in partnership with the Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center.

Our Strategy


Leading scientists warn that our waves are threatened by the effects of climate change including – ocean acidification, sea level rise and damaged coastlines. We take a positive, “systems thinking” approach towards solving these issues. How?

Volcom Fiji Pro 2013 — Sustainability Report


Volcom’s event achieved Deep Blue Surfing Event status with a comprehensive sustainability strategy.  This report shows all of the actions they took to reduce impact, and recommends strategies to reduce impact even further next year.

Earth Day release of the Waste to Waves film (revised)

The new edit of The Story of Waste to Waves.  It’s been updated after our first year of operations, and shows what happens to collected foam. Visit http://www.wastetowaves.org to learn more. Thanks to Reef, The Wuss Productions, and… Read More

SIMA endorses the ECOBOARD Project!

SIMA throws the ECOBOARD Project a big Shaka...

IT’S OFFICIAL FOLKS -  The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA)  has endorsed the ECOBOARD Project as an innovative new resource for its Board Builder members to use. Ok, so what’s that mean? So for the for the few… Read More