SIMA endorses the ECOBOARD Project!

SIMA throws the ECOBOARD Project a big Shaka...

IT’S OFFICIAL FOLKS -  The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA)  has endorsed the ECOBOARD Project as an innovative new resource for its Board Builder members to use. Ok, so what’s that mean? So for the for the few… Read More

Torrey Meister riding an ECOBOARD Project labeled surfboard

Waste to Waves — Turn your trash to slash!


Our 99 Percent meets 1% for the Planet


Here at nonprofit Sustainable Surf, we really give it our all – or at least 99% of it – working to help bring about a more sustainable future for the culture and sport of surfing. Which is why… Read More

ECOBOARD Project – What does a more sustainable surfboard look like?

7'4 Kingfish shaped by Pat Ryan

What materials can be used to build a better surfboard…