Outside TV: Jordy and Lakey Choose ECOBOARDS


When your career depends on both a healthy ocean and having the highest performing surfboard under your feet, it’s important that sustainability plays a part in choosing the right boards. And while we could rap about this all day… why not hear it right here, direct from Jordy Smith and Lakey Peterson.

5 ways to get to the surf without killing it.


Let’s face reality. Most surfers use cars to get to the beach, but we rarely think about the impact that driving has on the ocean. For a sport that creates a unique connection to nature, it’s quite a… Read More

Giving Tuesday


Do you Give A Damn about healthier oceans, happier people and and stronger communities?

Vote for The Ecoboard Project in the LA2050 challenge grant competition


Listen Up LA Ocean Lovers… Help us win the LA2050 Challenge Grant by voting for The Ecoboard Project. We will build a pop-up ocean and ecoboard education center.

Bike To Surf Week: September 12-19


Get ready for Bike to Surf week, Sept 12-19th! Take the pledge to ride your bike instead of driving to the beach, and help do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the ocean. Sustainable Surf… Read More

How to Create System Intervention: A Case Study by Sustainable Surf

We were once again proud to be down in San Diego at the Sustainable Brands 15 conference, rubbing elbows with some of our favorite thought leaders, and seeing what many of the biggest brands in the biz are doing… to… Read More

To the Edge and Back, A Big Wave Journey

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.45.56 PM

Join Greg Long for an evening of unforgettable stories, in San Francisco, April 23rd

Greg Long captivates crowd, and helps us launch #DeepBlueLife

The engaged crowd was firing their questions at Greg during the Q&A period at the end, and nobody went unanswered

Greg Long presented his story and adventures to a live audience in Hermosa Beach.

Greg Long: To the Edge and Back – A Big Wave Journey


The Future of Surfing is Not Disposable

Photo: Zak Noyle and A-Frame Media. The 12th Annual Surfing Arts, Science and Issues Conference The Future of Surfing Is Not Disposable Why surfing will be cleaner, cooler and better   Saturday, February 15, 2014 Scripps Institute of… Read More