Green Toys + Sustainable Surf

The ocean is everybody’s playground – so let’s all protect it!

Whether you like to surf, build sand castles, or just splash around in the sea – the ocean offers amazing opportunities for enjoyment and education to kids and adults alike. That’s why Sustainable Surf is so stoked to team up with our friends at Green Toys® and “All the Way to the Ocean” author, Joel Harper, on the “Safe Seas Set” toys! These ocean-friendly beach toys are made right here in the USA from 100% recycled (#2) plastic milk jugs that have been tested to contain NO Phthalates, PVC or BPA. The use of 100% recycled plastic dramatically cuts the carbon footprint of each Green Toy product (which helps protect coral reefs from ocean acidification), and getting all that post-consumer plastic out of our trash and back into cool toys, keeps it from getting into the ocean where fish, birds and marine mammals can mistake it for food.

Need a great gift for your favorite little beach boy or girl?  Buy it online right here!

Sales of the limited edition submarine or seaplane “Safe Seas Sets” support Sustainable Surf’s Deep Blue Life initiative – which focuses on the simple (and fun) ways to live a more “ocean friendly” lifestyle, by focusing on positive choices we can all make in our daily lives.