The 2017 Pacific Paddle Games has been designated as a Deep Blue Event™. 

A Deep Blue Event is a more “Ocean Friendly” event that sets a clear path for reducing environmental impacts, while also providing social benefits for the local community.

This sustainability report is a transparent description of the sustainability performance of the event, and includes measured data, photos, and suggestions for improvement. It is based on the international standard for sustainable event reporting – the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The 2017 Pacific Paddle Games has exceeded the minimum requirements of all of the five Deep Blue Event categories measured:

  1. Waste Diversion: Approximately 65% of waste material was diverted from landfill
  2. Renewable Energy: Solar energy was generated onsite providing the power requirements for the ‘command center’ throughout the event – accounting for approximately 50% of total energy use
  3. Climate Change: 50% of the event’s carbon footprint is being offset
  4. Community Support: $2,110 was donated to the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association and provided visibility to the San Onofre Parks Foundation, Young and Brave, Plastic Tides and Sustainable Surf
  5. Transportation: Greener transport options were promoted in pre-event communications and via the PPG website.

Access the full report here.


Sustainable Surf would like to thank our Deep Blue Event presenting partners Harmless Harvest, Raw Elements and Earth Technologies for their support helping to bring sustainability to the world’s biggest celebration of paddle.