Live a Deep Blue Life on Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is here , and we’re celebrating the year’s longest day with some #Turf&Surf – featuring our pal Ari, who dug up his entire yard, to plant and share food for his family and his local community.

Ari’s Two Pine Farm is about to have #Kale , #strawberries, #Tomatoes #blueberries and more, thanks in part to the organic compost from EcoScraps. You can get a taste by heading over to the Parkside cafe in Stinson Beach. Or visit The Ecology Center if you live in SoCal.

Ari’s also got some wisdom, so take a tip from him about getting more connected to the place that you live in, and dig in to some of the waves on tap while you’re over there.

Live Water Surf Shop will hook you up with rentals if you need it, and rumor is that the State Park right there has a couple of peaks… #deepbluelife @HighLineFestivalofsurfing, @ecoscraps