Growing Community at Two Pine Farm

Check out the latest #harvest from our #DeepBlueLife video series: Growing Community – A Full Season at Two Pine Farm .

The story follows our pal Ari Lurie, founder of #TwoPine Farm and the High Line Festival of Surfing , on a personal journey of discovery to turn his yard into a micro-farm for growing organic food for both his family and his local community.

We were inspired to see the ups and downs of a whole growing season on Mt.#Tam (including all of #Fogust when the tomatoes just couldn’t ripen), and how the act of sharing connected Ari even stronger to the people, and the waves, that thrive at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais in #Marin.

And we hope this short #flick might even inspire everyone that watches it to rip out their lawn too, and sow the seeds that can feed yourself, and grow your own local community.

And last but not least – Big #Thanks to all our pals who helped us tell this story!

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