KTLA: Sustainability and surfing’s designation as the official sport of CA

Stoked to catch a few “Airwaves” over the weekend with Assemblyman Ian Calderon at the KTLA TV studios in Los Angeles. We discussed why we felt it was important for our organization to get officially involved to help shape and pass Bill AB1782 (that was just signed into law last Monday by the CA Governor), that designates surfing as the official state sport of California.

Check out the Sunday Morning Show video for the full story — but if you need a Hint , it was really all about creating a new tool in the Californian ocean activist toolkit, for protecting our surfing and coastal resources.

Huge thanks again to California Assemblymembers Al Muratsuchi & Majority Leader Ian Calderon for introducing the Bill to the CA legislature last January, and for inviting Sustainable Surf to participate from the very beginning as supporters to help shape the Bill’s official language , to ensure that conservation and sustainable business innovation were embedded as core concepts.
And stoked to bring this commemorative, custom Gold Level certified Channel Islands ECOBOARD shaped by Britt Merrick along with us into the KTLA studios. Made from a recycled EPS core made by Marko Foam, glassed by Earth Technologies with plant-based epoxy resin from Entropy Resins, and sporting a set of recycled fishnet/carbon Alpha fins by Futures Fins x Bureo

And last, but not least, a very special thanks to artist Kevin Mirsky (AKA Single Fin Theory) for creating the original political cartoon artwork for the board;  which incorporates lyrics from California’s official state Song, paying respect to the “Grand Old Ocean” that embraces her 1,100 mile-long “rugged shore”!
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