Alex Gray

Sustainable Surf is incredibly stoked to have Alex Gray as an ambassador. Alex is a professional surfer famous for surfing huge waves and an awesome sense of humor. Check out his adventures on his blog, Turkey Melt. Alex also won the 2014 Dive’n’Surf Oregon Pro at Nelscott Reef in 30′ surf.

Alex is from the part of Los Angeles called the “South Bay”, which includes Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance and Palos Verdes. This also happens to be where the Sustainable Surf SoCal offices are located, so Alex is our local surf pro, and occasionally gets roped into doing local events and school visits around sustainability.

The South Bay also happens to be the original home of commercial surfboard production by Dale Velzy, who shaped boards underneath the Manhattan Beach pier in 1950. So it’s fitting that Alex is helping push the surfboard industry into the 21st Century with sustainable materials. Check out his video of glassing and riding an ecoboard by Channel Islands Surfboards: