Eoin Finn

Eion-headshot2Yogi, Surfer and Founder of Blissology Yoga, Eoin Finn has been deepening his understanding of Yoga and Eastern Philosophy since 1989. He has been teaching this unique, transformative, and joyful energetic alignment based yoga worldwide and now calls Santa Cruz home.

Eoin is gifted at making complex concepts easy to grasp and exudes enthusiasm in his teachings. In particular he is passionate about bringing spirituality down to Earth, reclaiming quiet time in nature as the greatest spiritual portal and our best source of health and happiness. He has been featured in Oprah, InStyle, Vogue and Reader’s Digest. Eoin started the Blissology “EcoKarma Project” to merge yoga with ocean conservation.

Eoin spends at least 290 days a year in or around salt water and is always looking for opportunities to protect the ocean and create opportunities for people to get more deeply engaged. Last year, lululemon gave Finn $25,000 to support him as he hosted him first-ever Eco-Karma Retreat at Casa Morada in the Florida Keys. Participants practiced yoga every morning beside the ocean on a dock and spent afternoons in an ocean education course and dive program, replanting coral with the Coral Restoration Foundation.

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