Results of the Deep Blue Survey

See what over 500 surfers from 35+ countries think about their role in protecting ocean health.

OCEAN – Film Premier at Traveler Pacifica

Join us for a journey at Traveler in Pacifica on August 15th for the premier of the new mini-doc movie: “OCEAN — surf by bike”. Featuring Ashley Lloyd and family exploring sand bottom points in Mexico… by bicycle !

Doors open at 6:30 pm

Rob Machado builds Gold Level ECOBOARD quiver for Corona Highline at the WSL Bali Protected contest

Click through to watch the video.

Designing Sustainability Into the Fabric of Surf Culture

We’ll be at the Soho House Malibu on July 24, to explore the current state of innovation, design thinking, creativity and ocean conservation within modern surfing culture.

Volcom Pipe Pro: Beyond Deep Blue for 6 years running!

For the past six years, Sustainable Surf has partnered with Volcom to make the iconic Volcom Pipe Pro a Deep Blue Event.

Announcing the SeaTrees Project

Sustainable Surf announces the launch of the SeaTrees initiative. SeaTrees is the platform for the global surfing community to go “carbon positive” and support innovative Blue Carbon projects around the world.

SeaTrees Launches at the 2018 Global Wave Conference

March 7, 2018 Santa Cruz, CA – Sustainable Surf launches Project : ‘SeaTrees’ at the 2018 Global Wave Conference Sustainable Surf is proud to announce the launch of our newest program for restoring and protecting the health of… Read More

The Deep Blue Bag

Sustainable Surf’s latest collaboration, the Deep Blue Bag, brings together two Bay Area partners, world-famous designer Yves Béhar and boat and kiteboard sail upcycler MAFIA Bags.

ECOBOARD Project event at COSUBE Surf in Portland

Many thanks to COSUBE Surf Shop in Portland for hosting an epic week of ECOBOARD Project activations. The surf scene in Portland is growing fast, and COSUBE is a big reason why. They have a great combination of… Read More

Talk Story: with Firewire CEO, Mark Price

Watch as Mark Price talks with students at Loyola Marymount University, about how sustainability is a core value at Firewire and Slater Designs Surfboards