FIREWIRE scores another 1st… with the new ECOBOARD Project

Sustainable Surf is “certifiably” stoked to announce that FIREWIRE has become the 1st global surfboard brand to offer a major “green chemistry update” to some of their most popular board models, which have been built to meet our… Read More

LOST stoked on Performance…

Matt Biolos at LOST Surfboards has always been on the cutting edge of performance surfboard technology, and he’ll be the first to tell anyone that for him – just using a material because it’s chemistry is “greener” wont… Read More

Surfrider CEO – details his journey to get a “better” surfboard – NOW!

The Surfrider Foundation CEO, Jim Moriarty, has just completed a 3-part blog series about the personal journey he took to get his own “better” surfboard made – from a recycled Marko EPS foam blank, glassed with Entropy Resins… Read More

SS’s Alison Teal at Volcom Fiji Pro

Alison Teal, a globetrotting adventure seeker, and Sustainable Surf’s latest surf ambassador, has been living out of her backpack this year as she chases surf and soulful living while producing her web-based show – Alison’s Adventures. Lucky for… Read More

ECOBOARD @ Quik Science

ECOBOARDs help students win big at the 2012 Quik Science Challenge! The 7th Grade science team from St. Margaret’s Episcopal School placed 2nd at the Quik Science Challenge, with their project to explore greener options for making surfboards…. Read More

“Radioactive” Controversy @ Jeffery’s Bay?

SS Surf Ambassador – Kyle Thiermann – explores the nuclear option…   “Surfing for Change: J Bay Nuclear Plant” is a new short film exploring the dangers of a planned nuclear power plant in the pristine shores of… Read More

Greening of the Rip Curl Pro in SF

Sustainable Surf was hired to make the Rip Curl Pro surfing contest as green as possible.  The contest is now using biodiesel-powered generators that use fuel recycled from local SF restaurants. Power doesn’t get any greener than this! … Read More

DIY in San Francisco – Wooden Surfboard Class

Note – this amazing class held in the Fall of 2011 was a huge hit! We will have more info on it soon, and we are hoping to repeat this event in 2012- stay tuned… ———————————————————————- Workshop to… Read More

Eco Credibility: Entropy Resins obtains government seal of approval for eco-friendly resin

Entropy Resins is now listed with the USDA as a ‘BioPreferred’ product. This label provides government certification of manufacturers claims of using biological content in their product.  This is a significant step for a resin, since the vast… Read More

Breaking News: Oceans on the brink of a mass extinction

The BBC writes on a new report synthesizing all of the threats to the ocean ecosystem. This report is by the International Program on the State of the Ocean, which has an interesting website, The full report… Read More