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Let’s all take a deep breath in___

As we emerge from our first weekend of California’s stay-at-home order and others in our global community experience multiple weeks of self-quarantine – we wanted to express our condolences to everyone who’s family and friends have been affected by the pandemic, while sharing our plans to help you get inspired to keep on living an Ocean-Positive life.

Planting Trees in the Sea — with 2x Big Wave World Champion Greg Long

Greg goes #oceanpositive and wipes out his carbon footprint by planting SeaTrees.

Volcom Pipe Pro 2020

For the 8th year running, the Volcom Pipe Pro will be a certified Deep Blue Event. Supporting the North Shore community, using solar and bio-fuel to power the event, recycling with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, and wiping out the impact of the event by planting SeaTrees.

SURFER MAG: Is It Possible To “Wipe Out” the CO2 Footprint of Your Surf Travel?

Check out the lastest article about SeaTrees on

Greta Thunberg Calls For Tree Planting: We Must Do More Than Reduce Carbon Emissions

We launched the SeaTrees Project for the same vision: to make it incredibly easy to plant trees and sequester carbon dioxide.

The Inertia: What if Reforesting the Ocean was as simple as Following Someone on Insta?

SeaTrees is the first program of its kind, built specifically for ocean-lovers everywhere to help fund regeneration projects from mangrove forests in Indonesia to kelp forests in California.

SeaTrees Is Officially Launched

Our latest initiative protects and restores coastal ecosystems. We have teamed up with famous artists like Andy Davis, so you can buy cool products that directly fund the development of blue carbon projects around the world.

Surfline Primer on more sustainable surfboards

Check out Surfline’s breakdown on materials that make ECOBOARDS

Surfing is now California’s Official State Sport

We’re proud to say that we helped craft this legislation, which recognizes California’s role in leading the sport into new directions, including sustainability.

Giving Tuesday

Do you Give A Damn about healthier oceans, happier people and and stronger communities?