Surfline Primer on more sustainable surfboards

Check out Surfline’s breakdown on materials that make ECOBOARDS

Surfing is now California’s Official State Sport

We’re proud to say that we helped craft this legislation, which recognizes California’s role in leading the sport into new directions, including sustainability.

Getting airborne with your board just got friendlier!

Sustainable Surf announces a partnership with United Airlines to help surfers fly the skies easier and greener.

Available Now — our Deep Blue Bag

Designed by Yvès Behar and built in San Francisco by MAFIA Bags. Our co-lab bag is made from upcycled sails, wetsuits, and climbing rope, and is perfect for the urban surfer who travels the globe. Proceeds support Sustainable Surf.

Results of the Deep Blue Survey

See what over 500 surfers from 35+ countries think about their role in protecting ocean health.

Top 5 Ways to Go Surfing Without Killing the Ocean

Read our Inertia article about the best rides to the beach. Including the new plug-in Mini Countryman that can carry your whole quiver of Channel Islands ECOBOARDS.

5 ways to get to the surf without killing it.

Let’s face reality. Most surfers use cars to get to the beach, but we rarely think about the impact that driving has on the ocean. For a sport that creates a unique connection to nature, it’s quite a… Read More

Giving Tuesday

Do you Give A Damn about healthier oceans, happier people and and stronger communities?

Vote for The Ecoboard Project in the LA2050 challenge grant competition

Listen Up LA Ocean Lovers… Help us win the LA2050 Challenge Grant by voting for The Ecoboard Project. We will build a pop-up ocean and ecoboard education center.

Bike To Surf Week: September 12-19

Get ready for Bike to Surf week, Sept 12-19th! Take the pledge to ride your bike instead of driving to the beach, and help do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the ocean. Sustainable Surf… Read More