The DIY.H2O Campaign

Only 1.5% of the water on our blue is Earth fresh and accessible, and we are using it faster than ever. There has to be a better way to make use of our most precious resource.

DIY.h2o highlights what’s possible by engaging local communities, while reducing energy consumption, plastic water bottle use and the disconnect between where our water is made and consumed.

Here in California, 20% of the state’s electricity consumption goes toward water-related uses. Transporting water hundreds of miles and using technologies like desalination to make water wastes energy, creates localised pollution and accelerates climate change.

Creating your own ‘renewable’ water is now just as easy as making your own renewable power. So let’s make ‘distributed’ water, as simple and ubiquitous as having solar panels on your roof.

Let’s make water, local.

We’re putting the power back in your own two hands starting with these activations:

SkySource : We’ve partnered with SkySource to show people how anyone can become water self-reliant by producing their own supply of fresh water with atmospheric water collection at The Ecology Center. Make some room Farm-to-Table, here comes Cloud-to-Cup !

DIY.h2o to Save South Bay : We’ve launched a campaign to change the narrative about water and save LA’s famed South Bay from a costly desalination plant on the sand at El Porto.

BYORB : Sounds simple, and it is: Bring Your Own Refillable Bottle. Americans use 50 billion plastic water bottles per year – we’re asking everyone to bring their own bottle of fresh water and avoid single use plastics, while highlighting the places that everyone can top-up. Need a new refillable bottle? Help us help you – buy a Sustainable Surf x Mizu bottle to help fund the installation of the SkyWater machine at The Ecology Center.