Eco Education

Even though it feels great, buying a new ecoboard isn’t going to solve all of the worlds environmental problems. However it will send a message to manufacturers that they need to address major environmental problems, which we think is the best place to start in this consumer society. Unfortunately, the global problem is a bit more complex than only changing what you buy (and ride).

Eco Education is divided into two broad sections. The first section explains why you should care about the global issues and start to do something about them. We call it the “Loss of Surfing Habitat“, which is self explanatory. Do you want to know what threatens our favorite habitat? Some of the answers might surprise you. We focus on translating the latest cutting-edge science to explain what’s really happening to the ocean we love.

The second section is the proverbial “What You Can Do“. Yes, we could not avoid using that phrase, although we do make an effort to promote actions that both make sense *and* feel good. For example, finding solutions that can simultaneously reduce your impact on mother earth while saving money, improving your health and well-being, and building community and friendships. These are not mutually exclusive concepts, right?