Current Projects

Waste to Waves

Waste to Waves (W2W) is our unique recycling program that helps individuals “Turn Your Trash to Slash,” by recycling their waste EPS packaging foam – commonly known as “styrofoam” – into new products like recycled EPS surfboard cores. By participating in the W2W program, individuals can become part of the effort to help industry create more sustainable surfboard materials that help reduce negative impacts from surfboard manufacturing, while also diverting this foam/plastic trash away from their local waste stream – and away from our oceans, waves and beaches. The program operates in select retail shops in both Southern and Northern CA (and now in Hawaii too), and at special foam collection events held throughout the year in CA. The W2W program has recently partnered with the Waste Management company to pioneer recycling of EPS material at scale, and if successful, is expected to be replicated nationally. The Waste to Waves program is supported by great industry partners such as Reef, Patagonia, Marko Foam and the Surfrider Foundation, as well as the Nell Newman Foundation.



The ECOBOARD Project program provides the surfing industry with the first, independent 3rd party, consumer facing “eco-label” for surfboards. It is designed to help individuals choose a high-performance sustainable surfboard made with the latest advancements in green chemistry and renewable materials, that can dramatically reduce the surfboard’s environmental and toxic impact on the environment. The ECOBOARD project acts as a powerful vehicle for transforming the surfboard building industry, away from it’s current toxic and energy intensive methods, and into a model of what sustainable manufacturing should look like. Our science-based program provides a simple “benchmark” for classes of materials that offer significant environmental and worker health benefits. It also provides a simple path for verification of the use of these more sustainable surfboard construction materials, in specific surfboards. The ECOBOARD Project has been endorsed for use by the Surf Industries Manufacturers Association (SIMA), and is now being adopted by many of the world’s leading surfboard brands including Channel Islands, Lost, Firewire, Stretch, T.Patterson and many more. Supporters of the ECOBOARD Project program include the Quiksilver Foundation and the The Miriam and Peter Haas Fund.


Deep Blue Surfing Event

A Deep Blue Surfing Event is a more “Ocean Friendly” event, that has been endorsed by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) as a clear path for reducing the environmental impacts of professional surfing events. A Deep Blue Surfing Event helps to reduce direct threats to the sport of surfing from global climate change (such as sea level rise, ocean acidification, and loss of coral reefs), while directly addressing important issues at the local level such as reducing waste and plastics pollution, improving water quality, protecting natural resources and building stronger communities. With typical global webcast audiences of several million viewers tuning in for these World Championship Tour surfing events, the Deep Blue Surfing Event program is intended to inspire and educate this global audience to replicate the best practices shown for improving the environmental performance of professional surfing events, into their own lifestyle and local communities. In this way, we can work systematically with global surf brands to clean up their operational footprints, while also compelling individuals to make positive personal behavior changes. These personal changes, when taken at scale by millions of surfers around the world, lay down the foundations of a sustainable and engaging cultural movement, that can (and will) be amplified by Pop Culture at large around the world.

Designated DBSE surf contests include: