Ruben Lenten

“Being a kiteboarder and ocean-lover, my connection to the environment and the positive impact our sport can have, is something that I am increasingly aware of. Becoming an ambassador for Sustainable Surf and working collaboratively with them to lead and inspire change is part of my bigger sustainability journey. I want to work with and learn from the rest of the kiteboarding industry to make a real change and protect our ocean playground,” — Ruben Lentent

Born in Noordwijk in The Netherlands, Ruben Lenten is a household name in the world of kiteboarding. Thanks to his unique and incredible air acrobatics, Ruben is renowned for being the most daring and radical kiteboarder in the world. In his view however, he has only scraped the surface in attempting what is possible behind a kite.

Ruben began kiteboarding at the age of 10, at his home spot Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Rapidly making a name for himself, he turned pro at the age of 16, travelling all over the world for competitions and promotions for his sponsors.

Ruben LentenAfter many years successfully competing, Ruben decided to take on a different direction. His focus shifted to promoting the more extreme side of the sport, since at the time the sport was relatively new and many things were yet to be discovered. This more extreme side of the sport involved riding in storm conditions with very strong winds and big waves, while performing risky acrobatics with the kite. Sponsors and the general public were in awe by his sheer courage at pulling off some of the most extreme moves ever performed with a kite, and so Ruben found his niche as an ‘Extreme Kiteboarder’.

Throughout Ruben’s career he has always focused on pushing and developing the sport as a whole. That means his involvement in organising some of the most prestigious events in the sport such as; the Megaloop Challenge and the Red Bull King of the Air. These events really display the ‘wow-factor’ of the sport and help push the boundaries.

To push the limits Ruben has been closely involved in the R&D of new products. Always looking closely to create the most high-end and efficient equipment possible. Taking performance, innovation and sustainability into account at all times.

CODE_RED_IJS_RUBEN_ALEXREVERS_132In August 2015 Ruben’s world got turned upside down when he got diagnosed with cancer. He had to undergo six chemo therapy treatments. Although, as a sportsman it was very hard for him to see and feel his body deteriorate, he always kept extremely positive and he even sees the cancer as a gift, since it taught him a lot about life, love and happiness. It made him realise he doesn’t only have a passion for kiteboarding but a major passion for life in general.

Sharing the passion and stoke Ruben is dedicated to inspire people to send it and live life to the fullest.

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