Steve Reiss

Producer, Publisher and Ocean Activist
Steve is an award winning producer of music videos, commercials and digital content. He worked for many years at the now legendary Propaganda and Satellite Films in collaboration with many of the most notable directors of our time. He co-authored the book Thirty Frames Per Second: The Visionary Art of the Music Video, the first book to showcase the music video as an artform, instigated the Directors Label DVD Series for Palm Pictures, producing the Mark Romanek DVD along with the book on his music video stills. Currently working on a feature film and web experience about R. Buckminster Fuller and his vision of the planet as a whole system, Steve remains positive about the planet and mankind’s future with a “Do It Together” attitude. The ocean is his first love, being born close to the Atlantic seashore, learning to swim at three, surfing at eleven, a life-guard in his teens, with early inspiration to be an Ocean Activist coming from the work of Jacques Cousteau. He continues to surf and explore new possibilities through travel and social innovation, connecting people to serve the greater good.