Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

img_2117Zane Schweitzer was born a Waterman. He has been surfing since he could walk, windsurfing since he was 9, and Stand Up Paddling since he was 13. He has pioneered and progressed the Sport of StandUp Paddling for almost a decade, ranking as one of the Top Athletes in the fastest growing Water Sport in the world.

From his home beaches of Maui Hawaii to white water rapids in Oregon and monster waves in Tahiti, Zane has traveled the world, spreading his Aloha and his love of Stand Up Paddling to everyone he meets. He is passionate about giving back to the communities and to the people all over the world, making it his mission to host Clinic’s wherever he goes. Teaching children and adults alike, Zane loves nothing more then to help others have fun and enjoy the ocean through surfing and stand up paddling.

Zane is the truest definition of an all-around waterman. This video proves it:

We’re stoked to be working with Zane on the Pocket of Plastic Challenge: